HIT FIT SF with the Moonman’s Mistress Family!

Getting HIIT Fit in San Francisco with Moonman’s Mistress! The Moonman Mistress Fam held a high-intensity interval training sesh at Hit Fit SF gym, in The City. Group fitness is a source for much anxiety, for me, and I tried soooo hard to talk myself out of going, but my darlin Julia kept me accountable. They say “half the battle is showing up”, and I believe it – I suited-up and showed-up and had a TOTAL BLAST! It was so cool to be in a room with so many other CannAthletes who know as well as I the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, coupled with the healing powers of a clean diet supplemented with CBD. Jamel kept everyone moving from one sinew-stretching, muscle popping, move to the next, keeping us motivated and excited the whole time. Liz Rudner was there to talk about the importance of clean eating and the benefits of using CBD to enable and enhance athletic pursuit. If you haven’t tried CBD yet, ask your local dispensary for Moonman’s Mistress gluten-free/paleo/vegan medibles, and take your whole-body wellness to the next level!

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