How I’m ‘Activated’

I call myself an “Activated” athlete because I believe the use of cannabis not only enhances, but in fact enables, my lifestyle of fitness and well-being. The name is a bit of a play on words owing to the fact raw cannabis contains most famously THC among a multitude of other cannabinoids. Raw, the THC molecule remains in its acid form, THCa. Through a process called decarboxelation, the raw THCa is converted to psychoactive THC, thus becoming “activated”.

I’m an Activated Athlete! who’s on a mission to spread the latest word on the efficacy of Cannabis as a more healthful alternative to often harmful, never benign pharmaceuticals. I strive to vanquish the ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype; to prove to the (square) world that Cannabis can be a positive and productive part of the community.

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