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imageInvolved in a heinous automobile crash when I was 19, I am constantly managing chronic pain, arthritic knees, imbalances of strength and equilibrium, as well as psychological issues such as ADD brought on by multiple closed head trauma. Once morbidly obese, living an ultimately unhealthy life (chain smoking cigarettes, binge eating, drinking, etc.) I have made a few fundamental lifestyle changes that include daily outdoor recreation, conscious eating habits by adopting the belief that our food can be our medicine, and our medicine can be our food. I also make use readily of the astounding cannabis plant; utilizing it in fresh smoothies, vaporizing, tinctures and topically. The results of which are sharpened mental clarity and acuity, greatly increased energy and desire to be active, improved strength and mobility, the permanent-so-far loss of 140lbs, and plain ‘ol happy contentment!

I have created this site and organization in order to better advocate for cannabis and a healthy lifestyle and to help others become educated about the many natural resources we have available to overcome common issues such as I listed above. I know I am not the only one who lives with chronic pain, but I seem to be one of the few who manages it well without prescriptions. I want to change this, so that all people understand and know they have options outside (literally!) what is generally prescribed by Western medicine. I hope you enjoy following along with me on this journey and feel inspired to get outside, get moving and get happy!


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