Who I am, what I do, and where I see myself fitting into the Cannabis Community and Industry

Here is a quick synopsis of who I am, what I do, and where I see myself fitting into the Cannabis Community and Industry. I'm an aspiring endurance athlete (back-of-the-packer), trainer, and meetup director, as well as a passionate educator and advocate, living in Santa Cruz. I'm active in the endurance community through racing (completing-not-competing),... Continue Reading →

Burn & Baked

https://vimeo.com/256230570 30 pro-cannabis fitness enthusiasts, including a couple of HelloMD staffers, joined Moonman's Mistress—maker of healthy, whole-food marijuana edibles—for its second Burn and Baked boot camp-style event. Held at Hit Fit SF in San Francisco's Mission district, the nearly hour-long, high-intensity workout exemplified the company's focus on fitness, nutrition and education.

Terlingua, 2017

My road-trip across the nation began about two weeks prior to the Badwater run. I left Santa Cruz and headed to Phoenix to drop our cat with the in-laws who, from their great benevolence offered to cat-sit. From Phoenix, I made for the remote ghost town-turned-absconders'-haven of Terlingua. My welcome to Terlingua was memorable. The... Continue Reading →

X-training Day

Fog droplets are thumping on the skylights. The sun isn’t up yet, but if it was it wouldn’t penetrate the marine-later this morning. I drink a few cups of coffee, sublingually dose olive oil containing about 100mg THC, and for breakfast I eat a cup of of oatmeal with fruit and a big spoonful of... Continue Reading →

HIT FIT SF with the Moonman’s Mistress Family!

Getting HIIT Fit in San Francisco with Moonman’s Mistress! The Moonman Mistress Fam held a high-intensity interval training sesh at Hit Fit SF gym, in The City. Group fitness is a source for much anxiety, for me, and I tried soooo hard to talk myself out of going, but my darlin Julia kept me accountable.... Continue Reading →

My “Strava Year in Sport” 2017 – the prior year was marked by some incredible experiences. Participating injured in my second Badwater Cape Fear; crewing DelRayBeach at the Salton Sea and Martinez at the 135. I explored the Big Bend of the Rio Grande, summiting the tallest peak in the Chisos range. I had the goal of running 1000miles and achieved just that. After being injured for most of 2016, I felt especially froggy. I’m totally grateful for (and am taking great care of) my health this year, and I’m feeling really strong going into 2018. My goal for 2018 is 2018miles, and I’m thinking to myself, “With 550miles already on my now (to my knowledge) discontinued LonePeakNeoShell, maybe i should start looking for new shoes.” I started the this year with a 23-ish mile solo trail run, and have no scheduled events. I indeed prefer solo events, and plan to aid/crew a few races. Secretly, I hope 2018 will be my year for completing a 50miler. There. I said it. My name is Matthew, and I want to be an ultramarathoner.

Healthful Consumption as an Activated Athlete

As an endurance runner and fitness enthusiast, I can appreciate the myriad health-advantages over combustion systems

Reponsible, Productive, Contributing Citizens

In my hometown, theres a deep, high banked creek that runs through my old neighborhood. Over a shaded swimming hole, a great twisting vine hung too closesly to the bank to not be tempted. We'd gather all the speed we could muster, launch at it to swing out over the creek and back to the... Continue Reading →

Dr. Mihály Csikszentmihályi describes flow as being “completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one…Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost”.

Aptos Half-Marathon Loop – transformative pain – no water, no food, but I found a citrus grove at the top of the big hill!

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