HIT FIT SF with the Moonman’s Mistress Family!

Getting HIIT Fit in San Francisco with Moonman’s Mistress! The Moonman Mistress Fam held a high-intensity interval training sesh at Hit Fit SF gym, in The City. Group fitness is a source for much anxiety, for me, and I tried soooo hard to talk myself out of going, but my darlin Julia kept me accountable.... Continue Reading →

Healthful Consumption as an Activated Athlete

As an endurance runner and fitness enthusiast, I can appreciate the myriad health-advantages over combustion systems

I, traveler. 

Just like the cats in the Santa Cruz mountains and the coyotes of SoCal, I keep a territory. A route. I travel its familiar paths often taking three or four days to refamiliarize myself with the lay of and reinforce my connection to the land.  My southernmost stop this turn was Fallbrook, CA. It's a... Continue Reading →

420 Games San Francisco August 2016

What a wonderful day to have the opportunity to share a morning with so many cannabis users who defy the prevalent negative stigma associated with use and who have embraced an athletic lifestyle in cahoots with cannabis. I rolled up the Santa Cruz mountain ridge along highway 35 to San Francisco while the sun rose... Continue Reading →

A Helping Hand: A Season of Supporting 

Seems like since February of last year I've been dealing with one injury or another. Being injured in no way diminishes the drive to move and perform and finding a means of channeling that energy is absolutely necessary. Without the focused or directed energy expenditure I tend to get irritable and sleep poorly. I made... Continue Reading →

Google Trekker – Western States Trail

Merry 'Statesmas! The Western States Endurance Run is the annual American ultra-running event. An epic and storied trail race that began in 1973 when Gordy Ainsleigh first toed the line as the only competitor not on horseback. Starting in Squaw Valley, near the site of the 19670 olympics, and ending 100.2 miles later in Auburn, CA, Western States... Continue Reading →

Badwater Cape Fear 2016

The Badwater Cape Fear, on Bald Head Island, NC, was my first ultrarunning experience. After hearing the Badwater 135 referenced in a few episodes of Trail Runner Nation Podcast, and seeing a documentary on YouTube, I was reading everything I could find on "the 135" when I found the Badwater Cape Fear. Born and raised... Continue Reading →

Running on Reefer

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