Healthful Consumption as an Activated Athlete

The methods I employ for healthfully and consciously consuming my medicine are vaporizing the dried flower (I use a Storz & Bickel Volcano, and utilizing liquid-extract tinctures. I will always have a love for the flower – its beauty, complexity, honesty – I can rely on specific tinctures for their consistent dosage, long-lasting effects, and cost-effectiveness. Seeking out and utilizing all the diverse strains of the cannabis plant, there are cannabinoid-profiles for every occasion. The high-CBD variety have a strong anti-inflammatory effect that does wonders for my arthritic knees, and allow me to take the edge off of my pain without affecting my other senses. While the high-THC varieties help me to focus and find The Flow, making my training and trail-runs the highlight of my day!


When I’m vaporizing flower, I generally opt for a high-CBD strain with sativa tendencies, such as AC\DC. As an endurance runner and fitness enthusiast, I can appreciate the myriad health-advantages over combustion systems. Vaping flower does not involve combustion, so it does not produce smoke that contains carcinogens and tar, known to cause lung related diseases. Vaporizing produces no, or a very low amount of tar, which is dramatically noticeable after switching from smoking to solely vaporizing. This also significantly improves breathing-economy over time, keeping muscles well oxygenated and improving cooling efficiency.

At times i’m on the road, without convenient access to my Volcano. I spend many days a month traveling the western states either in search of inspiring places to camp and run, or while i’m consulting dispensaries assisting in educating their staff and patients on different products available to treat particular ailments or to fit into particular nutrition-plans. I can count on the easy to use, consistent dosing, and predictable, long-lasting effects of liquid-extract tinctures. Alcohol extraction best preserves the physical essence of the plant, drawing out a broad spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids. Until it’s prohibition in ’37, tinctures were the most common form of cannabis medicine in the America. A wonderful means to medicate effectively, discretely, and without smoking, a few drops under the tongue will be absorbed through the mucosa in a matter of minutes, versus the eternity-wait for an edible to take effect! While there are as many tincture-makers in the Golden State as there are Starbucks along the 101, I have found a particular favorite ( which allows me to count on a single maker for the several diffenent formulations and THC:CBD ratios.


Using Professionally cultivated Cannabis flower, dried and ready to smoke, costs $10-$20/gram in California. Vaporizing, by forcing hot air through ground/shredded flower, leaves you with a dried/powdered byproduct still containing enough active cannabinoids to extract still. The typical cost of an infused edible in California is $0.10/mg of THC and $0.50/ mg of CBD, and they’re most often sweets and snack-food items which contain cheap ingredients, sugar, preservatives, etc. Though a high-quality, well-processed liquid-extract tincture can cost signifigantly more, your body will thank you for consuming fewer, simpler, more bioavailable ingredients, and you will notice the longer lasting effects when compared to smoking, generally making it a more cost effective way to medicate.

The lifestyle of an Activated Athlete can be pretty demanding – hours of training in the gym and on the trail, as well as mind-bending (consciousness expanding!) research of new and exciting cannabis products. Its a rough job, but I guess someone has to do it. As a health-conscious cannabis consumer, I find vaporized flower is the best way to experience the nuances of each strain and plant – granting me necessary insight to appropriately use the medicine that will best address my needs.


All that said, whichever way you choose to consume cannabis, be sure to do so responsibly. You are the face of the MOVEMENTS to END CANNABIS PROHIBITION and to VANQUISH THE LAZY-STONER STEREOTYPE!

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