Who I am, what I do, and where I see myself fitting into the Cannabis Community and Industry

Here is a quick synopsis of who I am, what I do, and where I see myself fitting into the Cannabis Community and Industry.

I’m an aspiring endurance athlete (back-of-the-packer), trainer, and meetup director, as well as a passionate educator and advocate, living in Santa Cruz. I’m active in the endurance community through racing (completing-not-competing), pacing, aid stations, course marking, etc.), and organizing group trail runs and endurance training events in-and-around the Santa Cruz Mountains. As well, I continually strive to be a positive force in the Cannabis Community by volunteering my time to dispensaries – facilitating patient education workshops, organizing community athletic events, and representing the cannabis community in a mature and sincere voice. I’ve always enjoyed connecting people, placing products, and travel, as well as creating content, media & marketing, and spreading the word about the myriad benefits of cannabis, especially when combined with athletic pursuits. Account acquisition, sales, and distribution are second-nature to me, and bring me a great deal of personal satisfaction. My drive towards and love for education, advocacy, event/activity coordination and facilitation are all complementary to building healthy community around cannabis and I see myself perpetually driven to fill these niches of the industry
A) ADVOCATING the use of cannabis as a healthier option to often harmful never benign pharmaceuticals.
B) DEMONSTRATING what cannabis allows for my life in pursuit of Flow through great feats of endurance.
C) FACILITATING opportunities for others to challenge themselves and grow, using cannabis as a gateway to outdoor rereationand self-actualization.
D) EDUCATING dispensaries and end-users what their very best options are to achieve their particular and individual desired effects.

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