Let’s Do This, For Real!

I want to start off by saying that while I am new to blogging, and I’m struggling to get a hang of it, I want to share about my processes as I go. I hope that maybe in this I will inspire others who may be intimidated by what seems like an overwhelming learning curve. I am learning as I go – figuring out how to accomplish one small goal at a time, and overcome each obstacle as they arise. I hope to become more consistent with my content posting, as well as become a stronger writer.

I feel like I always knew that there was more to Cannabis than the authority figures were letting on. I did a lot of my growing up during the 90’s when DARE-era anti-marijuana propaganda was being taught as a part of public school’s curriculum. Cannabis users were “dopers” or “pot-heads” who were lazy, of no account, and of questionable moral fiber. Cannabis was taught to be a “gateway drug” – a drug that once one makes the “moral compromise” to use, worse drugs and more bad decisions would be quick to follow. According to my teachers and parents, I wouldn’t ever feel ambition and I’d likely amount to very little. 

I’m sure I’ll climb up a soap box or two during my time here, and this is definitely going to be one of them. Disappointment, confusion, and frustration eventually leading to outrage! You don’t have to try very hard to see the fallacy in the prohibitionist’s argument. I’m excited with the hope of building a viable forum where we can talk about these things – running, fitness, and the outdoors, as well as cannabis, legislation, advocacy, and education.

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