Tuesday morning vibes

Were up and at em early, for a workout on the play-mat, pre-run. I've only 2 days left of checking into Active Fitness Club in order to earn that coveted free t-shirt! My little homeboy Fletch came with me yesterday and enjoyed a short-but-sweet play-sesh poolside. Today, he'll have lunch with some colleagues while I... Continue Reading →

not all prisons have walls

Driving past the Long Beach port and seeing all the thousands of cargo containers and ships and trucks, it occurs to me that I'm looking at the commerce of the nation. You can't understand the scale unless you see it, and I become aware of that much more of which I'm unaware, and will never... Continue Reading →

Activated Athlete

I feel driven to destygmatize Cannabis use, and provide real, scientifically up-to-date and pertinent education regarding recovery from addiction and alcoholism, as well as mindful and wholistic living.

Let’s Do This, For Real!

I want to start off by saying that while I am new to blogging, and I'm struggling to get a hang of it, I want to share about my processes as I go. I hope that maybe in this I will inspire others who may be intimidated by what seems like an overwhelming learning curve.... Continue Reading →

A Helping Hand: A Season of Supporting 

Seems like since February of last year I've been dealing with one injury or another. Being injured in no way diminishes the drive to move and perform and finding a means of channeling that energy is absolutely necessary. Without the focused or directed energy expenditure I tend to get irritable and sleep poorly. I made... Continue Reading →

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