Activated Athlete

I spent a long time drunk and addicted to painkillers. I got clean and sober and remained so for about six years. I was taking prescribed drugs to treat my learning disabilities and chronic pain from arthritis. These drugs did little to mitigate the ailments they were prescribed to treat, compared to the long list of side-effects they came with. This isn’t uncommon that people are backed into the corner of seeking relief from one symptom and gaining another. I was working in WV loved my job but about to lose it because I was unable to clear my head of negative self-talk. A co-worker who was watching me agonize over every decision, aware of my internal struggle, suggested I try Cannabis. It has produced positive results in his life, and he convinced me that it was worth a try. It helped to allow me to analyze objectively (effectively curing me of my ‘paralysis by analysis’) and make decisions! I was able to put my training and skills into effect! The turnaround was dramatic – I even won some awards for improvement, critical thinking, and making deadlines thought impossible by my peers! Not surprisingly, I learned how to think clearly and act precisely from using cannabis as a supplement, and without smoking. Juicing raw cannabis, it remains non-psychoactive, and does not produce any kind of “high” typically associated with the herb. Cannabinoids have been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, making them a powerful dietary supplement. It seemed everything I was taught about Cannabis was wrong. When used responsibly, Cannabis is a healthier and often equally (or more) effective alternative to many prescription and over the counter medications. Since I’ve been using Cannabis, I have been able to come off of all manufactured medication. I am higher-functioning and happier than ever before, and I feel driven to nigh-evangelical fervor to destygmatize Cannabis use, and provide real, scientifically up-to-date and pertinent education regarding recovery from addiction and alcoholism, as well as mindful and wholistic living. I am an Activated Athlete!

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