I’m really excited to be learning a totally new set of skills to manage my schedule and blogging.

1.  I’m getting better at making a schedule

I try to schedule specific times for each task. I think that doing this helps me keep on track as doing this easily manipulate my predictably short attention span and my projects in line, as well as ensuring I stay focused without having to think about what I should be doing or when. I’m using a calendar app and a to-do list so to stay up to date, and I spend time at the end of each day making a list of what I need to do the next so I can get right to work.

2. I prioritize my tasks a couple of different ways

I start with any task that requires other people, such as collaborations, interviews, or anything else because it’s almost always challenging working around other people schedule and lives. Then, I work on projects by due date or the intensity of the project, whichever works best. 
3. I strive to Stay Organized

Keep all your files, etc. clearly labeled, and use individual folders for each client and project in order to make finding documents easy. If you keep paper files, make sure to clearly label your notes. It may take some work up front to organize your system, but it will save a lot of hassle later.

4. I get “up and at ’em” early!

This isn’t the fifth grade science fair. I don’t wait until the day before a project is due to start it, especially when I’m working on a few different things. I realize i’ll never know what roadblocks I’ll encounter, and starting early can ensure surprises don’t sneak up on you the day before a major deadline.
Another reason you should start projects early is so I can work through ideas about individual projects while you do other things like driving or cleaning. By starting early, I can keep working through your plan or actually begin writing articles in my head while I do other things.

5. I’ve started running work in batches

If I have to make calls, I’ll schedule them in one afternoon so I can do all my calls at once instead of interrupting your writing time later. You can write all your interview questions in one preparation session instead of several.

7. Stay Focused! 

While hopping from project to project I’m sure the time i spend on each is focused. This means when I schedule writing time or reading time, do only what I’ve scheduled during that time. I don’t check emails or social media, and I don’t think about my other projects. I simply focus on the item I have scheduled.

The first few times I had to balance multiple projects was tricky, but with practice and a few helpful productivity techniques I’m getting a lot better at finishing my work on time while maintaining quality.

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