A Helping Hand: A Season of Supporting 

Running On Reefer

Seems like since February of last year I’ve been dealing with one injury or another. Being injured in no way diminishes the drive to move and perform and finding a means of channeling that energy is absolutely necessary. Without the focused or directed energy expenditure I tend to get irritable and sleep poorly. I made a decision to offer to spend my time and energy volunteering at races supporting those who’s hour it is to shine. I had to pull the plug on running the Run4Amma 50k at the last minute due to a fractured second metatarsal, so I offered to captain a couple aid-stations for Race Director (RD), fellow-Stevens Creek Strider, buddy, and hero, Mike Kreaden.

I felt good about being involved, helping out, and seeing my friends. I didn’t take into account or expect to have so darn much fun! I have been accused of getting pretty amped talking to people…

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