Last Chance Aid Station – Western States Endurance Run 2016 

Good grief, I know, I know – Western States was way back in June! 

Well, life happens, and I figure it’s better late than never. Here are the photos I took while I spent an unforgettable weekend camping at Last Chance.

The morning briefing at the Hawaiian-themed Stevens Creek Striders-run aid station
Last Chance aid station
Julia making coffee at our camp
Randy and the Striders standing at attention during the pre-race morning briefing
The road to Last Chance from my camp
Allison helping Julia to cool off at The Car Wash
Jim Walmsley surprisded the Striders by blazing through Last Chance in record time!
Allison helping julia out at The Car Wash
Peggy and RD Craig Thornly
Lina and Peggy briefing the Striders before the runners began to show
Super nice Bay Area runner. He wound up finishing 9th overall. I chatted with him a few weeks ago when he came to speak at the Dirtbagger Film Syndicate screening.
The Jester! I’ve been bumping into this guy at a bunch of races this year and hes always killing it!
Safety Patrol
The Fifth Beatle
Safety Patrol taking a breather – giving the back-of-the-packers a bit more of a lead
Performance Enhancing Kokopeli
Utterly refreshing!
Julia talks to the mounted sweeps
The Magic Hour – the 29th hour of the 2016 Western States – Track at Placer High

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